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Blog: What's Stopping You?

Modern vehicles have brakes on all four wheels, operated by a hydraulic system. The brakes may be disc or drum types. We can replace your warn brakes and restore your vehicle's stopping power.

 drum disc brake diagram


Blog: Tyre Specials

Since we posted photos of the red and blue Ford Rangers, we've had lots of enquiries for tyres or mag and tyre combos for Rangers, Colorados and Hilux. 

265 35 zr22 w 265 40 zr22 w


Blog: Trailer Hire

trailer hire blog


We've had a lot of people asking about hiring our amazing trailer and have decided to extend this service to our valued clients. If you are faced with moving house, apartment, flat or perhaps even stock, you won't find a better trailer than this.

With a 16 square metre capacity and three access points, this trailer is a dream to use. It's twin axle configuration also makes it easy to tow. Call us today to book our trailer for this weekend!

Are Your Tyres Wearing Unevenly?

 worn tyre 

If your tyre(s) look like the one above with uneven wear, it will only get worse. Once a tyre starts wearing unevenly, it will continue to do so, eventually becoming unsafe like the one pictured above.

The cause of uneven tyre wear is poor wheel alignment and spending a little on an alignment with us can save you a lot on new tyres!

If you suspect your tyres are wearing unevenly but not yet showing the signs, rub the palm of your hand across the tyre in both directions. An unevenly wearing tyre will generally feel 'sharp' in one direction. If you are in any doubt, call in and see us for a quick check-up. We are open 7 days for your convenience.